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Summer Gift Box

Looking for a maternity gift or gift for a baby shower? This Summer Gift Box is filled with 2 KipKep essentials and comes in 4 variations: Grey, Green, White and Spring (yellow and lilac).

The Summer Pack consists of a Woller heatpack and a Blenker Hooded Towel.
Would you like the gift delivered directly to the proud parents? Then change the address during the ordering process and choose for gift wrapping.



Summer set contains:
Blenker Hooded Towel
Woller Pillow


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KipKep ☀️ Summer Gift Set ☀️

This KipKep Summer giftset consists of two of our baby essentials:
Blenker Hooded Towel & Woller Heat Pillow


The Woller Heat Pad is indispensable in every family. 
Especially the first months after birth your little one can suffer from intestinal cramps due to the not yet fully matured intestinal system. The pleasant warmth (not hot, and therefore safe for use from birth!) in combination with the light pressure that the pillow gives on the belly provide relaxation and therefore reduce the complaints caused by cramps. The Woller can be used all year; winter or Summer.

Use the Woller cushion even during hot summer days. Is your child having trouble getting rid of the heat? Then put the Woller cold (from the freezer) near its feet. So keep the warm days coming!

Also use the Woller to preheat your baby’s bed or to keep the towel warm while you bathe your baby or for warming up the pram or the footmuff. And delicious on your own tummy, of course! Especially after a long day…

During breastfeeding, the Woller is widely used both hot and cold. Heat stimulates the flow of milk from the breast, while a cold Woller (from the freezer or refrigerator) cools the breast in case of complaints such as breast congestion.


The KipKep Blenker Hooded Towels are warm and super soft.
Dry your children gently with this Blenker hooded towel. Wrap your little one in this towel after bathing. The Blenker is made of hydrophilic cotton. This material absorbs moisture well, but also dries quickly. It’s soft for the sensible skin.
On hot summer days you can use the Blenker Hooded Towel as a light wrapping cloth. Also ideal as a wrapper in the car. The material absorbs sweat.

The bath cape can be closed at the bottom: take the two lower points of the towel and pull it through the loop. This is how you close the towel at the legs.

The KipKep Blenker Hooded Towel is larger than most (square) hooded towels and hydrophilic diapers. It is rectangular and has a handy hoody. You can wrap the rectangular Blenker Hooded Towel around your baby after the bath.


Would you like the gift delivered directly to the proud parents?
Then choose gift packaging during the ordering process and change the delivery address.

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