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MiaN – poster

Me in a Nutshell – exclusive birth posters for KipKep

(Available from 22 September 2021)

Step 1:
Write your own story (fill in on bottom of this page)
Step 2:
Choose your MiaN product
Step 3:
Place the product in the basket en select size and your story
Step 4:
Click add to basket and we will make you personalized gift with love and attention.
Step 5:
Oh yeah baby, unboxing time! Receive your parcel and let's get the party started!
Step 6:
Are you also very curious of what all the circles mean? Download the AR-app and bring your story to life.


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(Available from 22 September 2021)

What’s your story?

Create your own Me in a Nutshell and let us print it on a poster.

Size 40×50 cm or 50×70 cm.
With our without high quality frame (a swap-frame from the Barth-line from Larson-Juhl)


Write your own „circles of love“- story:



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40x50cm, 50x70cm

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